Some of our satisfied patientspatient1

"They have helped us out a lot in many ways. My wife has remarkably improved."

Mr and Mrs Watts, Temple TX.

Another satisfied patient

"I had a knee replacement in 2004 that never healed properly. It caused me tremendous pain and I became very weak and bed bound. I did receive therapy at the hospital, but it never helped. But with the new therapists from Hinman & Associates, Inc., I have really experienced a difference in my physical capabilities. another patient

For the last 7 months I have been receiving physical therapy with Mitchell Hinman, P.T., Chimene Spinn, P.T.A., Linda Moore, P.T.A., and Nelson Keeler, P.T.A. I began my physical therapy on May 5, 2005, after being bed ridden for the past 1 ½ years. I had great difficulty being able to even lift myself up, sit or walk. I had lost all of my muscular strength and was unable to do anything for myself.

My therapists patiently helped me 3 times per week with moving in bed, getting to a sitting position, standing and eventually walking with my walker again! We began building my strength and endurance, and we reached my goals of walking in my home. They are great encouragers!

This is really a fantastic group of people that have helped me through such a difficult time. They have truly made a great impact on my life!"

Zelma Zivley, Temple, TX

Hinman & Associates